Intuitive CBD Healing Session

Intuitive CBD Healing Session

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Intuitive CBD Healing Counseling

I am here to serve you as an intuitive coach and to help you accelerate your spiritual evolution. My goal is to help clients connect with spirit and live in joy!

I will help you access the potential of your highest self. I help you tune into your intuition to understand your own truth, experience joy in life, and create your path to your highest purpose.

Our intuitive CBD healing counseling session starts with an introduction about the sprit world and healing. In a guided meditation accompanied by sacred drumming, you are encouraged to connect with your higher self, your intention about what you are healing, and the spirit of the hemp plant. You are invited to serve CBD oil under the tongue. You may witness opening your subtle energy fields to receive inner guidance, messages, healing, and experience higher states of awareness. You are invited to share your experience, and then we close in the spirit of gratitude.

This intuitive CBD healing session establishes your connection with the healing spirit of the medicinal hemp plant. Through meditation and prayer you may open to receiving spiritual guidance and possibility of healing. By surrendering into the experience of the session, you can experience a new level of ease within your very own being, and a renewed sense of happiness, harmony and peace within. All the doors open before you as you align your consciousness with the higher purpose. 

Typical healing sessions are 60-90 minutes in person or by phone or Skype.

Our sessions may work with the following:

  • release a mental or emotional blockage
  • connect with what supports you
  • let go of what no longer serves you
  • connect with sources of higher wisdom for your next steps and important life decisions

You will be prompted to schedule a convenient time for you after your purchase.