Akira Simona Musilkova was raised in the Czech Republic and traveled to many indigenous cultures to connect with the divine wisdom. Now she shares her experiences with a wide public arena. She is a healer, meditation teacher, channeler and dancer. Her transformative work is known in San Francisco in California, Ubud in Bali, Boulder in Colorado and Tulum in Mexico. She helped many clients to realize their dreams and heal their emotional and spiritual issues. Akira is called upon to activate her clients higher realms of consciousness.

Akira has lead healing workshops, classes and sacred ceremonies. Her experience is vast as she’s able to run her business, lead groups,  channel, teach and guide people into the spirit realms. She worked in many places over the past 18 years in her career. Akira is certified from three schools to lead people to higher consciousness. She is a spiritual leader.

Akira taught herself yoga from a banned book at 13. At a young age, she learned to draw strength and healing from my deep connection with nature. She moved to California for college and then began my business career. Several factors led to a spiritual realization that she needed to learn how to heal and to stay connected with my higher self. She sought out teachings from a variety of healers and ancient practices and learned first-hand that this wisdom works. For instance, she was able to heal a torn ACL ligament without medical intervention, which seemed miraculous. Later, she graduated as a licensed spiritual counselor from a clairvoyant and energy healing program at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She is grateful that she found happiness, balance, and a purposeful life.

Akira's goal is to guide you to access the potential of your highest self. When we are guided using our intellect and intuition, we find inner power, clarity, peace, and joy in our life. Her believe is that by living in harmony with nature, connecting to spirit, getting intuitive guidance, and offering love, we empower our journey to clarity, joy, and peace. You can achieve financial, spiritual, emotional, and relational success!

If you are interested in Akira's services, feel free to email me at Akira@AkirasChanneledLight.com.


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