Sacred Ceremonies



Hello Sacred Community,

Join us at our Sacred Ceremonies in Boulder, Colorado and our retreats in Tulum, Mexico. 

Starry World In Us

As we sit in a circle and invoke your starry self to embody on our new world, you will feel peace and lightness. Joyfully embody your selves during our ceremony, switch your sadness to lightness and see the beauty ahead in your lives. We will invoke lightness through sound, music and gentle dance movement meditation in which you open up your chakras for healing. Akira will lead you through a guided meditation to help you open up your 7th chakra and to receive a higher wisdom so you lead your life willingly.

Blessings from the Starry Worlds

We welcome you to our starry vibration of the higher dimensional starry world where you will be at peace, joy and experience multitude of enlightenment moments.
Enjoy our ceremony in which you will encounter many different techniques of guided visualization meditations, sound, music, etc. We will also move our body softly with music to heal and open our heart center. Be in joy as we conclude with a group guided ceremonial landscape of sounds


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With love and blessings,

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