The Simplicity of Healing and Nature

Allow me to share with you how I naturally healed my fully torn ACL ligament in my knee, torn labrum in my shoulder and chronic tendinitis in my Achilles tendon. This information is a guide and hopefully an inspiration for your healing journey. These techniques can be invaluable in healing both chronic conditions (such as allergies, arthritis, and high blood pressure) and acute conditions (such as sprains, torn ligaments, and broken bones).

Both the Western medical system of surgeries, and the alternative ways of healing, can work for you. Either one is a choice you are free to make. Their success depends on your belief system. Stay positive and committed. Have faith, love and patience; it takes time to heal.

During your healing journey pay attention to connectedness, as it will make you feel complete, fulfilled and healthy. Connect daily with yourself, people, animals, plants, and the universal energy. Take a few days a month by yourself to contemplate and rest in nature. Connecting with nature will help you to connect to your body, mind and higher self. Focus on having fulfilling, loving and caring personal relationships. Respect yourself and others. Have fun and laughter. Read books which you find amusing. Stop watching TV. Be compassionate to yourself and others.

Detoxification of your body is very important in the healing process of any injury or sickness. When you support your body, your body knows how to heal itself. Have a positive mental attitude, meditate and know that you are healing your body, mind and spirit. While sickness and injuries may appear as roadblocks on your journey, they are, in fact, meaningful signals which help guide you and bring you new awareness to the areas of life in which you may need to change.

An example of a mediation that helped me heal my knee was focusing on increasing the blood flow to the injured area where there may not otherwise be a sufficient blood supply. In a few minutes I felt heating sensation in my knee.

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With blessings,