The Great Domino Effect of a Meditation

Often we witness people running around, speaking fast and without focus. It seems as they are stressed and disconnected from the world around them. It may feel a bit disturbing to others as well. How can you cope with being in a stressful environment and stay calm, peaceful and content yourself?

One of the answers is meditation. Meditation helps you move toward freedom by working to quiet the mind, and turn your senses inward. Through the practice of meditation you can experience the unfolding of your inner being, and learn to experience more peace, focus and objectivity. It helps you to connect to your soul and receive guidance. In the modern times, you can meditate in ten or thirty seconds during the day anytime and anywhere. It’s about focusing your mind. Sing up to our Silent Confidence Webinar with us and you will learn it.

The old way and important way to relax your body and mind is to make time to sit in a quiet place for at least 10 minutes and meditate with soft music playing in the background with your palms resting on your legs. Close your eyes to slow down your brain activity and breathe deep and slow to relax your body and both your subconscious and conscious minds. The rhythm of the breathing is the regulator of the flow of vital forces within one’s being. This way you will train your body and mind to get to this state in few seconds. The quiet state, which it induces, makes it possible for intuitive knowledge and impressions from deeper levels of consciousness to present themselves to conscious awareness.

Here is an example of a healing meditation:
Visualize yourself sitting in a chair in front of you in a perfect health in as much detail as possible for few minutes each day. This way you are communicating to your body on a spiritual level that you want to restore your body to a perfect health. See yourself doing all the things you want to do, such as skiing, playing tennis, dancing, etc.

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Many blessings,