Detox For Vibrant Health

When I had my knee injury, a torn ACL, I decided to do a 30-day full body detox. After the detox, I felt 15 years younger, like I was a teenager again. I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and restored to my healthy self. I looked trimmed and my skin was glowing. 

Body detoxification is very important in the healing process of any injury or sickness. When your body is full of toxins it makes it difficult to heal. Body detox supports your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Your body know how to return to the natural state of health when you support it. Every organ, muscle and joint can be healed and restored to its full function. You will also notice that your vibration increases.

Here are some general recommendations:

Wholesome food
Before you start your fast and detox, follow a wholesome diet for few weeks and slowly transition into eating as much raw food as possible. Stop smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and coffee. Cut out meat, sugar, dairy products, white flour and gluten. Your goal for one week before you start your fast is to eat primarily vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains and legumes.

The way we eat is essential to our health and well-being. If we feel love for food and connect with it lovingly, it nourishes us. Holding an apple before we eat it, enjoying its color and each bite, has a wondrous effect on the way we absorb the nutrients.

There are several detox techniques. One of them is juice fasting. This is easiest on the body because of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the juice. I also like the Master Cayenne Cleanse. After the third day of fasting, the body gets a starvation signal, and the healthy cells start eating the unhealthy cells and proteins to feed themselves. This is the self-healing mechanism of the body. The self-healing process gets started and will continue after the fast. It is safe to fast for 7-10 days at home. Break a fast by eating small amounts of food for a few days, chewing properly. “Everyone knows how to fast, but only a wise man knows how to break a fast.”

During the detox, I recommend also taking certain herbs to cleanse specific organs, including the intestines, kidneys and liver to keep the filters clean. Dr. Shultz has very potent wild-harvested herbs and formulas for detoxing. I detox every quarter for one week and alternate cleansing different organs eating mostly raw food. One quarter I cleanse the intestines, next quarter the kidneys, and then the liver.

Get a juicer or a Vitamix blender. Buy fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, nuts, seeds, raw or sprouted grains and legumes (oats are very soothing for your stomach), skin brush and enema bag. I personally enjoy great superfoods we are blessed to have access to in modern times: bee pollen, spirulina, chia seeds, liquid chlorophyl, maca, raw cacao, goji berries, coconut oil and many more.

Sign up to join our live webinar and two month program to learn more about clean food and detox. Our group environment will support you to go through this journey. You will find out what your body really likes and what it wants to avoid by listening to your intuition and what is your body saying.

Many blessings on your healing journey,