Free 15 minute Counseling Session

Free 15 minute Counseling Session

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You can schedule a Free 15 minute Counseling Session here.

How can we work together

In a 15-minute free session, we can find out if it makes sense for us to work together. If so, we can determine a consulting schedule that works for you, which can range from one session to a series of sessions. Typical meetings are 60-90 minutes in person or by phone or Skype. I also offer month-long special programs.

Intuitive Healing Counseling
I am here to serve you as an intuitive coach and to help you accelerate your spiritual evolution. My goal is to help clients connect with spirit and live in joy!

We will work as a team to inquire how you are doing on your spiritual path, what is supporting you and holding you back. I will help you to stay guided on your spiritual path, to connect with sources of higher wisdom for your next steps and important life decisions, and to let go of what no longer serves you.

Intuitive Business Consulting and Coaching
I integrate business expertise and spiritual guidance to help progressive individuals, executives, and startup businesses to flourish and fulfill their highest purposes.

As a business consultant, I can help you with mission and vision statements, marketing plans, conflict resolution, and business development and expansion.

As a coach, I can offer skills that translate to professional and personal success:

  • Mental and Emotional Clarity
  • Inner Power and Intuition
  • Effective Communication
  • Sound Decision Making
  • Increased Productivity

My style of counseling combines both intellect and intuition. I guide you to access the potential of your highest self. I help you tune into your intuition to understand your own truth, to experience joy in life, and to create your path to your highest purpose.

I offer an integrated approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as for personal growth and business development. With a gentle and joyous style, I use guided meditations, visualization techniques, and energy healing modalities.

In our sessions we look at your health, and if you have a health issue, we make a strategy for healing it. I help you relax and feel secure with yourself in order to concentrate on your business or personal life. When you are balanced and at peace, you can find solutions and overcome the obstacles to your success.

Our sessions may work with the following:

  • release a mental or emotional blockage
  • if you are blocked and can’t receive guidance yourself, I can use my intuition to look at your energy field and tell you what is holding you back and what is supporting you
  • if you are dealing with a personal or business relationship issue, I can take a look at your situation and help you determine what is the underlying core issue, so you can achieve a desired resolution
  • if you have issues in your relationships or when negotiating with your business partners, I can help you find relief and resolution